March 28, 2015: Summit Dodge Ram in Syracuse, NY partnered with CASE Automotive Special Events (CASE) this past weekend with record setting results. Summit, as with most auto dealerships, is always searching for the newest, most innovative, and most cost effective way to sell more vehicles. Summit’s General Manager Louis Valerino III found just that, in the CASE Auto Acclaim Mailer promotion.

The Auto Acclaim Mailer is a mufti-channel direct marketing promotional mailer. On the surface the Auto Acclaim Mailer may look like any piece of “junk mail” that’s often discarded without a second thought. However, this Promotional Mailer is much more explains Steve Case Sr, the President and principal at CASE Marketing Group.

“While the Auto Acclaim Mailer is technically a mailer because it’s sent through the mail this baby is PACKED with more features and versatility than any product on the market today. Those features along with our, industry best consumer data enables us to achieve higher response rates, as much as 300% higher, than other automotive marketing firms. That translates into HUGE sales for our clients”.

– Steve Case Sr, President and Principal CASE

Mr. Case touted the Auto Acclaim Mailer’s many features. The thing that stands out to the people that take the time to research and then use the mailer is that the return on investment is nearly 300% higher than “traditional” direct mailing options. Summit Dodge was just the latest to experience this first hand.

Summit has had a very solid history of steadily selling vehicles for decades. For 2 days (20-22 March 2015) the only thing that could have been described as “steady” was the flow of customers through the doors with their Auto Acclaim Mailers in hand.

According to Hedge & Company, a marketing research firm, traditional direct mail promotions in the automotive industry typically have a response rate of .5% to 1%. Response rates are the number of consumers that take direct action as a result of receiving the promotional mailer.

The Summit Dodge Ram team had a significantly different experience with the CASE Auto Acclaim Mailer. Summit sent out just 7,500 mailers and in the 2 day promotion they had 242 people come into the dealership with the Auto Acclaim Mailer in hand. For those trying to do the math, that’s3.2%!

The bottom line was that Summit Dodge Ram sold more vehicles during the 2 day event, almost 40, than they had averaged over the previous 6 months.

Summit’s General Manager Valerino couldn’t have been more pleased with the response to this new promotional mailer. Summit has already signed up to participate in CASE’s “Spring Tradin’ Days” promotion for April.

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