Plastic Postcards Mailers can Increase Redemption Rates from 9-29%!

Plastic Postcard Mailers can help your business increase your visibility and generate new traffic into your business Right Now!

Direct Mail Plastic Postcards Generate Highest Response Rate Yet!

Plastic Postcard Direct Mailers are becoming a much more effective way of generating new business as compared to the alternative method of sending out traditional postcards or envelope mail. With our high quality commercial print 30 mil plastic composite material, Plastic Postcard Mailers business postcards stand out among all other direct mail pieces. Our Plastic Postcards command attention and will stand out from your competition. Our New Plastic Postcard Mailers are designed with breakout cards, key tags, or combinations of both allows you to promote a new or existing membership, discount, or loyalty program direct to your customers conveniently through the mail. This new concept in mail campaigns is designed to put your program and brand directly into your new and existing customer’s hands. Visit our website or contact us today to let our experienced staff show you how creating a Plastic Postcard Direct Mail Campaign can generate new sales for your business.

Top 10 Benefits to Using Plastic Postcard Direct Mailers

  1. Plastic Postcard Mailers can generate new customers at the LOWEST cost per Sale!
  2. There are no envelopes to open!
  3. We handle everything from start to finish.
  4. Plastic Postcard Mailers can easily be placed in a wallet for future use.
  5. Plastic Postcard Mailers are allowed by the USPS, ensuring your offer will stand out.
  6. Track buyer information and profit on your future mailings.
  7. Full color digital printing ensures high-quality images.
  8. Every card can be uniquely addressed to the prospective customer for a personalized feel.
  9. We work with Top Graphic Artists to help ensure you send out a high quality Direct Mail Card.
  10. Get your order done Quick with Our Super-Fast Turn Around Times!

Plastic Postcard Mailers are Generating Amazing Results in Key Industries Right Now

Plastic Postcards are becoming increasingly more popular throughout many industries and markets. Although almost every industry can benefit from the use of plastic postcards, the following are some key markets where plastic cards are most prevalent:

  • Auto Dealerships
  • Dentistry
  • Attorneys
  • Golf Courses
  • Gyms and Fitness
  • Restaurants
  • Tire and Car Repair
  • Retail StoresSpa and Massage
  • Special Events
  • Home Improvement
  • Rental Companies
  • Schools
  • Health and Beauty

Plastic Postcard Mailers is your #1 choice for generating new and existing business. Plastic Postcard Mailers has everything you need in-house to make your next campaign the most successful Direct Mail Marketing Campaign you will ever do! See Below to see our list of services that can help get your business started today!

  • Printing and Production
  • Mailing – Postage and Processing/Handling
  • List Services
  • Data Processing
  • Magnetic Strip Encoding Cards
  • And much more! (Powered by Case Marketing Pros)

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