Direct Mail Marketing has withstood the test of time! Direct Mail Marketing has steadily been an effective form of advertising that returns consistent results time and time again. Here are some of the Industry Proven Techniques that have seen the return on investment worth your while. It goes without saying with any Direct mail marketing campaign, if you don’t work with a proven professional, your campaign will suffer. See the top 10 Techniques we use to help get our client a nice return on their investment.

1. Use More Creative Mailers

Immediately draw the reader’s attention to the parts that matter the most!  You need to appeal to what your potential clients want the most, a creative marketing piece! Plastic Postcard Mailers help increase Redemption Rates!

2. Utilize Postcard Product Samples

When we work with our clients, our first order of business is to show how we utilize product samples incorporated right in our Direct Mail Marketing Pieces. By including a Product Sample, it instantly become more valuable of a marketing piece compared to all the other pieces of mail your potential customer receive in their mailbox.

3. Tailor Content

Personalized Marketing content is key when it comes to Direct Mail Marketing. Not only are we including personalized Mailer Pieces tailored to each individual, we are showing your potential clients we work to make every mailer different from the next. This is what makes our Mailers standout from the competition.

4. Provide Value

When we start a new Direct Mail Marketing Campaign, we work with you to provide value with every mailer we send out. Most of our Plastic Postcard Mailer pieces include some kind of punch-out card with perforated folds so your new clients have something to hold in their hands. It is also an incentive for them to come to your store and redeem these card.

5. Make the offer clear

GRAB YOUR READERS ATTENTION FAST! When you utilize BOLD, and Italics and Underlining text and graphics, your readers are more likely to take notice of what you are trying to say. Plastic Postcard Mailers helps get your message in the hands of potential clients with every piece we send out.

6. Use Direct Incentives

Once you have shown your customers what you are providing, help them by including an incentive to complete the purchase! Our Market Proven Strategies brings new potential clients through your doors on a daily basis looking to redeem their included direct mailer promotion to your store.

7. Keep it Simple

Don’t try and re-create the wheel. Direct Mail Marketing is as simple as it gets. With our Plastic Postcard Mailers, the many included features make your piece stand out from the others in the mailbox. All we need to do is keep your message simple and enticing. This is why many successful businesses choose to work with Plastic Mailers when they do a Direct Mail Marketing Campaign.

8. Use a good printer

It goes with saying that you should always work with best. When you use Plastic Mailers, you not only get great customer service and knowledgeable professionals, but you also get over 30 years of experience working with you at every step of the process.


When your customers are getting bombarded by 100’s of advertising pieces a day, it is good to know that when you use the best Direct Mail Marketing Pieces provided by Plastic Mailers your message is more likely to be seen and consumed. Plastic Postcard mailers is still very much relevant and these tips prove that print marketing is still very much alive and worthwhile when it comes to generating new clientele. Whether your next Direct Mail Marketing Campaign is 10,000 Direct Mail Pieces or a Million Direct Mail Marketing Pieces, the Experts at Plastic Mailers can help you succeed with your next Direct Mail Marketing Campaign!

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