Ever since the United States Postal Service was created 1792, businesses have been trying to figure out a formula of success with advertising utilizing direct mail. Now, since websites and online commerce have exploded over the last decade, combining Direct Mail Advertising with a Custom Website Landing page has been the latest trend in engaging your target audience and achieving success utilizing direct mail marketing.

Combining Amazing Direct Mail Campaigns and Custom Website Landing Pages, Business Owners have opened up a whole new way to generate new customers. Custom Website Design is becoming more important as businesses have to compete with much larger competitors like Amazon and other online retailers aiming for their customers. By utilizing your new Custom Website Design and a Custom Direct Mail Campaign, your business can compete with the big businesses in the world.

An Example of Combining Website Design and Direct Mail Marketing

Imagine, a car dealership has had low sales in the past 3 months. The last Direct Mail Marketing Campaign the Car Dealership did only had about a 1-2% conversion rate. The car dealership wants to find targeted car shoppers in their area. A Customized Direct Mail Marketing Campaign Combined with a Custom Website Design Landing Page increased their conversion rate to 6-7%! That is a 300% increase in traffic and potential sales that resulted from a Direct Mail Marketing Campaign combined with a Custom Website design Landing page campaign.

As you can see, this new way of combining a Custom Direct Mail Marketing Campaign and a Custom Website Design Landing Page can increase sales, can increase conversion rates and can most certainly increase traffic to your website and too your business. As many companies have to adapt and explore alternatives to compete in the modern marketplace, advertising has changed as well to keep businesses relevant and growing.

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