It’s an AWESOME feeling when you get the opportunity to talk about, market, and sell a way of life, which is exactly what I got to do while in the Air Force.

Finding a product that could even remotely come close to the pride of having served and sold in the Air Force was a goal of mine after leaving. I’ve written before (while I was searching for my ideal career opportunity) about this being my goal.

While it’s been less than a week, I’ve already gotten those same feeling about CASE Automotive and This product makes me fell proud to be a part of! I believe in this product so much that it almost PAINS me when I hear or see businesses use other Direct Mailers, hell, even use other forms of Marketing or Advertising in general.

The physical product itself is revolutionary, you get a sense of our very high end graphics from the attached proof. Our AWESOME new 30 mil (same thickness as a credit card) mailer looks great but feels perfect! However, looks are only a small portion of what makes our mailer better than ANY other mailer on the market.

What really makes our mailer MAGIC is how it feels in a person’s hands as well as our VERY detailed and VERY updated consumer data. Because our consumer data is so specific we average between 1.5% and 3% response rates. Compare that to .5% and .85% average response rates of “normal” mailers on the market today.

We will put up to 150% more people through businesses doors (based on averages and 15K+ piece campaigns) than that of anyone else out there.

At CASE Marketing Group we pride ourselves on Quality and Exclusivity. Because our return rates are so high and our consumer data is so highly targeted, we can laser target VERY specific consumers giving you a totally unfair advantage. For that reason, once we partner with a dealer in a market we WILL NOT work with ANY other dealer in that market or industry.

All of the stuff above just has me ALL FIRED UP!! What REALLY gets me jacked up and just wanting to deliver unabashed MASSIVE ACTION is all of the other industries where our product can increase foot traffic through the doors and repeat that traffic…REGARDLESS of industry.

We are VERY thankful to be here in this position right now. Until recently, I don’t think that I had ever really let my mind understand that there are #NOLIMITS in life. Whatever it is you want…go use MASSIVE ACTION to achieve it.

CASE Automotive is the IDEAL mix between “old-school” and “new-school” marketing technology and strategy. I’m absolutely proud to be associated with our mailer.

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