CaseMail2.0 – Our Plastic Mailers Solution to Digital Integration!

Imagine the value of having your plastic mailers not only seen in the physical world, but also the digital one. That’s what we can offer you with our Digital Integration marketing package. Customers who receive your high-quality plastic mailers will have that same promotion displayed on the websites they visit and the social media they post on! These multiple-exposure plastic mailer digital integration campaigns will be consistent, targeted and effective.

Cutting edge Digital Integration with State of the Art Direct Mail Marketing!

At Case Marketing Pros, we pride ourselves on being the experts in automotive data mining and marketing. For over 20 years, we have been partnering with automotive dealers and offering innovative direct mail marketing solutions with our plastic mailers that are solid and provide excellent results. Digital technology has created a revolution around how consumers shop for vehicles. This is where Case team comes in.

CaseMail2.0, our proprietary predictive analytics platform, enables our automotive clients to identify and communicate with lower-funnel, in-market, ready-to-purchase prospects and current customers. These communications drive traffic to your website, generating more views, impressions and clicks! Recent studies show that direct mail marketing is the No. 1 driver to a dealer’s websites. In addition to identifying the right customer at precisely the right time, our platform delivers multiple impressions designed to generate hand raisers and ultimately new-vehicle buyers for our clients!

Video Email Campaigns

Take your marketing to the next level with video enhanced email, the perfect complement to your direct mail marketing campaigns! Case has combined email marketing with customizable video capabilities to create a truly unique and effective way to engage with your potential buyers. Customers who watch videos are 88% more likely to purchase, and 63% of customers who view a video click through to visit the websites, while 45% of actual auto buyers visited a dealership after watching an online video ad. Video landing pages increase conversion rates by 87%!

Take your campaigns to the next level and contact us today for information on how we can elevate your promotions to the digital world!