1. Combine Your Direct Mail Marketing Campaign with a Website Landing Page

    Ever since the United States Postal Service was created 1792, businesses have been trying to figure out a formula of success with advertising utilizing direct mail. Now, since websites and online commerce have exploded over the last decade, combining Direct Mail Advertising with a Custom Website Landing page has been the latest trend… Read More
  2. Direct Mail Marketing Campaign Techniques – UPDATED!

    TOP 8 DIRECT MAIL MARKETING CAMPAIGN TECHNIQUES Direct Mail Marketing has withstood the test of time! Direct Mail Marketing has steadily been an effective form of advertising that returns consistent results time and time again. Here are some of the Industry Proven Techniques that have seen the return on investment worth your while.… Read More
  3. Plastic Postcards Mailers can Increase Redemption Rates up to 29%!

    Plastic Postcards Mailers can Increase Redemption Rates from 9-29%! Plastic Postcard Mailers can help your business increase your visibility and generate new traffic into your business Right Now! Direct Mail Plastic Postcards Generate Highest Response Rate Yet! Plastic Postcard Direct Mailers are becoming a much more effective way of generating new business as… Read More
  4. Summit Dodge Ram Success Story

    March 28, 2015: Summit Dodge Ram in Syracuse, NY partnered with CASE Automotive Special Events (CASE) this past weekend with record setting results. Summit, as with most auto dealerships, is always searching for the newest, most innovative, and most cost effective way to sell more vehicles. Summit’s General Manager Louis Valerino III found… Read More
  5. A Product to Feel Proud of

    It’s an AWESOME feeling when you get the opportunity to talk about, market, and sell a way of life, which is exactly what I got to do while in the Air Force. Finding a product that could even remotely come close to the pride of having served and sold in the Air Force… Read More
  6. Growth Hacking vs Traditional Marketing

    The title of this post is a bit of a rhetorical thought, but in the battle between the two, there’s a CLEAR WINNER…BOTH! I believe that the most effective marketing strategy and campaigns are those that combine the most effective portions of BOTH! I’ve been on a knowledge quest and have been devouring… Read More
  7. Gimmicks or Honesty

    Would you rather have your customers tricked into opening your direct mail piece or would you rather have them “wowed”? I’ll preface this by saying that I have no ill will towards companies that practice the direct mail tactic I’m about to talk about and these are the thoughts of me personally and… Read More