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Automotive Predictive Marketing On a Whole New Level!

Case Marketing Pros has had remarkable success with the level of predictive analytics with data accumulation and has become one of the top plastic mailers leaders in the industry as a result! Our proprietary Predictive Analytics and Data System does not depend on the traditional process of simply pulling names from certain geographical locations. It provides an in-depth research analysis using a multitude of data demographics for our direct mail marketing campaigns. This method has proven to be a total game-changer, with response rates that far exceed anyone’s expectations! Contact us today and get your quote!


The original plastic gift card mailer is available exclusively from plastic mailers by Case Marketing Pros! This thick and durable plastic mailer is similar to credit card material and features full-color photography, quality graphics and snap-off credit card or gift card size portions that your prospects WILL keep it in their wallet, purse or car!

Plastic Mailers Features

Print Quality: Brilliant, high-resolution photography style plastic printing for maximum detail and marketing impact!

Material Quality: Our 30 mil Auto Acclaim Mailers are as thick as a credit card, building the perception of value!

Snap out Promo Cards Options: These plastic mailers are standard gift card size, key tag snap outs or custom size and shape gift cards. Snap-off pieces are a lot simpler to carry around than the full-mail piece. Choose from repeat, use key tags or gift card size that fits in your prospects wallet or purse. The snap-off portion allows for endless marketing ideas, with more possibilities and benefits than you can imagine!

Variable Data: Every plastic mailer campaign is personalized on both sides, including text, account numbers and barcodes.

Bar Codes: Our plastic mailers include barcodes for easy tracking with our software or yours!

Magnetic Striping and Encoding: This is a feature available on most styles of our plastic mailers

Scratch and Win: Include a scratch-off with variable printed offers for increased response rates on our plastic mailers!

Tracking: Allows you to scan or swipe the plastic mailers for accurate and measurable real-time return on investment tracking. Multiply the number of sales out of every campaign!

Benefits: Auto Acclaim Mailer utilizes the latest technology and advancement in direct mail marketing. Our mission with our plastic mailers is to assist our partners in generating the best return on investment from their direct mail marketing!