About CASE Marketing Pros

Case Marketing Pros now offers a multi-channel direct mail marketing approach specializing in the creation and production of cutting edge direct mail marketing advertising. This includes targeted direct mail plastic mailers with variable data imaging, PURLS, email and complete digital integration, including Google and Facebook retargeting display ads all with tracking. Case Marketing Pros has produced hundreds of very successful automotive ad campaigns, including multi-dealer and single dealer events, comprised of hosted and non-hosted events. New for May 2019, Case Marketing Pros has just launched it’s latest digital program — CaseMail2.0, which integrates the latest technologies with Google and Facebook retargeting ads. CaseMail2.0 digital integration is a marketing solution that is designed to seamlessly track the effectiveness of your direct mail campaign by enhancing results through the integration of digital platforms like Google, Facebook and Instagram. Our unique direct mail Laminated 30 mil plastic mailers produce six to 10 times the redemption rate of any other regular direct mail product. This unique, laminated plastic mailer offers a die-cut detachable “gift card” that gives the customer a special, personalized and valuable offer on the card, which drives incredible response rates. Clients are renewing their orders at nearly a 100% rate due to their overwhelming success. Case Marketing Pros has the ability to print from 100 to millions of pieces with prices and turn-around times well below the competition. For more information, contact us today for pricing and availability!

Our Mission

CUSTOMER AND DATA DRIVEN: A Case Marketing Pros plastic mailer campaign will deliver traffic and customers who love the experience, which always produces more happy buyers and future happy buyers!

CASE TEAM OF PROFESSIONALS: Every person in the Case Marketing Pros team is passionate and professional, always providing you with the ultimate service experience.

CASE ALWAYS DELIVERS: Case Marketing Pros always deliver quality prospects with their unique direct mail marketing formulas embedded within their plastic mailers! No other direct mail marketing piece has the same components, and therefore, our response rate is so much higher as well as the quality of the customer that responds.

EVENT EXPERTS: Case Marketing Pros believes that in order to have special results, you need special attention to every detail of the sales event. Case Marketing Pros has conducted hundreds of direct mail marketing campaigns and has found the exact winning formula for your next marketing campaign!